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Ultimate Intention
Life's Ultimate Privilege
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Seeing God's Purpose
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Another Hive of Busy Bees
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Life's Ultimate Privilege by DeVern Fromke
Ultimate Intention
With an emphasis on the importance of God-centeredness
for the normal Christian life, the author begins with an unfolding of God’s eternal purpose which He purposed for Himself in eternity past. A God-centered view of reality is the only environment that can nurture proper spiritual growth. It is not an exaggeration to say that this volume has radically altered many people’s understanding of the Christian life, lifting it beyond the pale of “self-interest” and into the only realm it was intended to be lived—with God as Center! The book includes a study guide which can be used for personal or group study. We highly recommend using it to spur spiritual growth in your church.
ISBN 0-936595-02-7 $8.00 Discounts

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